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Amazing shop, and the owners are top notch! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Old Thyme Remedies!!!

-Holly Heller  

Amazing Store! VERY Knowledgeable staff!!! Thank you SOoo much, We have learned a lot from you gals! 

-Daveda Junine Payne Howell 

5 Stars. LOVED Medicine Cabinet Makeover! Trying some of the recipes this week :) 

-Carolyn Mayer

Thank you for hosting the Back to Our Roots class. The class was amazing and so were ya'll!!

-Krista Vallas

This is a new find for me and I loved it!

-Shannon Nellums McGhee

LOVE THIS SHOP! So knowledgeable and friendly. My go-to place for herbs, teas and advice.
-Tracy Copelan Bertram 

Go there all the time for my herbal needs and fresh tea leaves. Co-owners, Beth and Theresa are great women. I respect them and their knowledge and suggestions. I am a healthier person because of them, starting with their ionic foot detox machine. Try it, you'll like (love) it!!! 

-Teresa O'Brien Mohler Blankenbeck

Good store.

-John Howell

Definitely a great place to stop in if you're seeking alternative remedies and supplements. The prices were good and I got lots of answers from the staff.

-Daniel Kane

Great store and great products! Also, very knowledgeable staff. Wonderful experiences every time I go, and I have already recommended the store to several friends and family members.

-Toni Wilcoxon

Love this place.

-Christina Holifield Mason

5 Stars. Thank you for coming to the rescue!!!

-Dr. Vicki Schwantes

5 Stars. Love shopping at Old Thyme Remedies when we get out that way. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, a large variety of dried herbs and spices and educational materials all make this shop one of the best I've visited!


5 Stars. I LOVE this place. Melanie has changed my life and Beth and Theresa are so helpful :)


This shop has so much to offer in bulk herbs and having super nice people to help you with anything you may need.




























Before my treatment plan with Melanie I could not run or jog without the feeling of wanting to throw up. I was an avid runner and the feeling of not being able to run made me depressed. My period symptoms were out of control mood swings, horrible cramps that left me crying myself to sleep at night, bed bound for 1...-2 days with pain, and a very heavy flow. I also could not eat without having reflux which also disturbed my sleep.

I can now run without throwing up or having an upset stomach afterward. I can eat food without discomfort. There are signs my period is regulating, I’m having less pain, a lighter flow, and I only ever felt this way in the past on birth control pills! I’m so happy my money is being well spent on actually healing my body than the years I had to tolerate with doctors telling me I’m over reacting or just prescribing me medicine. 


Melanie is the BEST! She has helped me tremendously with the problem I have had for THREE YEARS after my colonoscopy! Been to three different doctors and after BIG bucks on antibiotics, etc. NOTHING!! Then I went to Melanie and what a difference she has made in my life. Can't wait for my daughter to move here so Melanie can help her also.

-Mary Labonte

For 3 years I had arthritis so bad that it looked and felt like my hands were broken. Sometimes I could only barely wiggle my fingers. Any movement gave me excruciating pain. All of my doctors said, "You have rheumatoid arthritis. Take ibprofen." This did absolutely nothing, and it severely limited my ability to hold my children, care for my family, and do simple mundane tasks like getting dressed. It was also progressively getting worse, spreading to my feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulder, etc. At the worst point I was hobbling around with toddler and a preschooler with developmental delays with almost no use of my hands. This was NO way to live! Thanks partially to Dr. Kovacs for identifying the primary problem but largely to Melanie Kalmukos Angelis for helping me GET BETTER!!!!!!!!!! For the last month or so, I have had complete range of movement in my hands, and I have been pain free (unless I get into something I react to)!!!!!!! Although Melanie has added much to our lives these last 6 months in the way of relief, encouragement, prayers, information, dedication, and especially patience/unending creativity when working with our children, the greatest thing Melanie has given us has been Hope. Hope that we would be able to feel better and hope that with hard work we would be able to live a more normal life. Praise be to God for struggles, for hope, for relief, and for people like Melanie that shine light in dark places!


I have had joint pain for 3 years and started taking different drugs but none of them worked. When I had to use a cane to walk I said enough is enough! I made an appointment with Melanie and after only 2 months, I'm pain free and can move freely.


Staff at the store are friendly and knowledgeable. They were happy to answer my questions. My visit with Melanie was informative and helped take the guess work out of which supplements to take.


I had a really good appointment. I had a lot and will continue coming to Melanie in the future. It's a blesseing to have someone like her here locally to do muscle testing. She is able to explain thing in detail and none of her directions were confusing. She really knows her information. I just wish I had come to her sooner.