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Nutritional Response Testing

with Melanie Joy, M.S.

Here to help you live a nourished life. 

Nutrition Response Testing SM

Nutrition Response Testing℠ is a holistic consultation and medical muscle testing system grounded in solid science. It is today probably the fastest and least invasive way to accurately detect food allergies, geopathic and biophysical stress, interference fields, stressed organs and structures, emotional blocks, heavy metal toxicity, dental problems, environmental toxicity and more.

–Dr. Joseph Mercola D.C. Chicago, Illinois

What is Nutrition Response Testing?

Nutrition Response Testing evaluates the health of the individual through the use of an in-depth examination of the autonomic nervous system, diet evaluation, and surface neurological reflexes. This type of health care focuses on restoring health rather than treating the disease. Melanie Angelis uses a holistic approach to help you achieve optimal health.  The methods and techniques that are used are safe, and natural without drugs, surgery, or interruption to normal activities involved. They are based on extensive training and workshops beyond her CHIA accredited masters of science in complementary alternative medicine and graduate certificate in holistic nutrition from ACHS.

7 common causes of chronic conditions and general ill health:

Abnormal hormonal or nervous system functions
Food allergies
Immune challenges (viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasites)
Toxic chemicals
Heavy metal toxicity
Body surface scars
Emotional based disease

For many people, a combination of the above factors leads to debilitating pain and fatigue.

Melanie addresses each of the aggravating factors causing the symptoms and  develops a plan that will help the body to regenerate cells and heal quicker. Individuals soon begin to see changes in their health and well being.  The personalized food and supplement program is based on Nutrition Response results and provides the education needed to regain control of your health.

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Melanie offers Nutrition Response Testing and other alternative health therapies on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays here at Old Thyme Remedies, To make an appointment at please call, 850-912-6996.

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