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& tools

We are proud to present this fine collection of all those useful tools some of us just can't live without. From the herbalists pantry, to the tea makers kitchen, we are sure that our line of tools will cover your needs and save you time to. Along with the tea pots, infusers, presses, scales and grinders, pestal & mortars, you will also find a variety of amber bottles and other empty containers needed for your salves, balms, deodorants, sprays and whatever it is you whip up. Don't worry, we also have plenty of books that have great recipes and easy to follow instructions.



We stock over 200 different bulk herbs, powders, spices, teas, sprouting seeds and cosmetic ingredients. The many jars you see on our shelves are only there to show the variety of herbs we offer. It is important to us to preserve the potency and quality of the herbs we stock. Towards the back of our shop you will see large cabinets that store our herbs in the bags they come in. Kept from the light and air we are able to offer the best quality bulk herbs in town.

in Bulk

We wanted to have a shop where people could find everything they needed to learn and make their own herbal remedies. From bulk single herbs to the accessories and tools needed to make herbal tinctures, salves, infusions, decoctions and so much more.  Every month we are adding new items to our inventory. If there is something you are looking for, we will try to find it for you. Look for our workshops and classes offered every month.


We proudly support our local vendors. From local, raw honey to skin care all of which is natural and chemical free.

Our vendors include:

Green Cedars Farm & Dairy delivers raw milk from Jersey Cows to us every Monday.

Coyote Moon Herb Company tinctures are made according to the lunar cycle with pure grain alcohol, distilled water & vegetable glycerin. No artificial preservatives added, ever.

Apothecary Naturals offers a variety of naturally scented body lotions, perfumes, face care, baby lotions and bug repelling lotion with a broad spectrum sunblock made with therapeutic grade oils and butters. 

The Robbins Nest makes all natural skin and home care products with simple and limited ingredients. 

Bay Meadows Honey from Milton, Florida delivers raw honey.






& family health

The essential oils we offer are 100% pure steam distilled plant oils with an unsurpassable fragrance, exceptional depth, magnificent keynote, and are free of carriers, diluents and other inputs.  These essential oils are processed from freshly harvested material within clean distilleries, thus promising you some of the most magnificent oils available on the market.

We offer a variety of supplements in capsules, tablets, liquid tinctures, powders, and creams from many manufacturers. If we do not have the one you are looking for, we may be able to order it for you. We also stock professional strength, liquid Homeopathics and herbal formulas.