Probiotic Deodorant 

1/2 cup coconut oil                1 cup shea butter, mango butter, or coco butter (or a mix of all three)

1 tsp. himalayan pink salt       1 tsp. vitamin E oil (the higher the IU the better)

3/4 cup arrowroot powder    2-3 probiotic capsules (use a brand that doesn't need refrigeration, we use Prescript Assist)

essential oils of choice            2 tbsp. zinc oxide (optional)*

Using a double boiler, melt the coconut oil & butters. Once melted, remove from heat, and add other ingredients except the essential oils. Blend all ingredients together. Once cooled but still pour able, add the essential oils and blend again. This recipe is firm (but is still soft) enough for a deodorant container but the firmness can be adjusted by adding more coco butter.

*The probiotic we used is black in color in the capsules so we added the zinc oxide to lighten the color.

These are some of our favorite recipes that we have found and tried over the years. Making herbal remedies is very much like cooking and you can make it your own. We hope you enjoy these recipes and have fun with making your own. Give us a call if you find yourself needing some help!

Root Beer Flavored Syrup

1 oz Marshmallow              2 sticks (or more) of Cinnamon (do not use powder)                   2 tbsp. Sassafras                  

2 tsp Sarsaprilla                  2 tsp Burdock root                                                                         5 whole Cloves

raw, local Honey

Place herbs in a medium size pot filled half way with room temperature filtered water and let sit for 10 minutes. Turn the heat on and simmer for 20- 30 minutes or until the liquid is reduced to half the amount that you started with. Strain. Add honey to taste.

Lavender Cake

¾ c softened real butter                                               ¾ c organic sugar                                           1 1/2 c organic self rising flour      

1 tbsp. organic Lavender buds finely chopped             1 tsp. Vanilla Extract (see recipe below)            3 large yard eggs                       

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease & flour pan.

Cream the butter and sugar until fluffy. Add eggs; mixing in one at a time. Fold in the flour & lavender buds.

Bake accordingly for size pan used.

Lavender Lemon Icing

½ c confectioner’s sugar         ¼ tsp. lemon zest                 ½ tsp. water or cream                 ½ tsp. fresh lavender buds

Combine ingredients and pour over cake.

Herbal Immunity 

Equal parts of:                           

Oregon grape root                           Red clover blossoms                   Echinacea pupurea root                Echinacea angustofolia root

Fill a jar 1/3 to ½ full of herb. Fill remaining space with 100 proof vodka leaving ¼” space at the top. Cover and shake well. Let sit for 4-6 weeks; shake daily. Strain and bottle in an amber glass bottle. See our Method Instructions page for tincture making options.


Elderberry Syrup

3 cups water                              ½ - 1 cup Honey                          ½ cup dried elderberries             

1 tbsp. Ginger                            Cloves                                          Cinnamon sticks

Place berries, about 5 cloves, 1 to 2 cinnamon sticks and room temperature filtered water in a sauce pan for 10 minutes. Turn the heat on; bring to a boil then reduce heat and simmer until liquid is reduced by half. Stir often and mash up the berries. Strain. Once the mixture has cooled a little, add the honey. The more honey that is added makes it more syrup like and sweet.  Label & store in an amber bottle for up to 3 months. This, too is a favorite here at the shop, works wonders for the cold and flu season!!

Ear Ache Oil

1 whole garlic clove             4-6 oz. olive oil                       1/2 cup Mullein flowers                    1/2 cup Lavender flowers

¼ tsp. vitamin E

In a double boiler, add olive oil, chopped garlic, and flowers. Heat low and slow for about 1 hour. Remove from heat and strain well. Add vitamin E and store in a dark amber bottle labeled with ingredients & date.

Bee Protected natural sunblock

1/2 cup Almond oil                             1/4 cup Coconut oil                         1/4 cup Beeswax               

2 tbsp. Zinc Oxide pdr.                       1/4 tsp. Vitamin E oil                       2 tbsp. Shea Butter

10 drops Carrot Seed E.O.                  5 drops other E.O. (not citrus)          2 tbsp. Stearic Acid

Using a double boiler, combhine almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter and heat until melted and mix  well. Remove from heat, add in remaining ingredients; (for more spf, you can add more zinc oxide) mix well. Makes about 8 ounces. Apply often.

Anti-inflammatory Lemonade

1 cup lemon juice                                 1 tbsp. Turmeric powder               1 tsp. fresh grated Ginger Root

Pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt                 Honey to taste                              2 quarts filtered water

Mix all ingredients together, serve chilled and enjoy. Settlement does occur so mix before serving. This is by far our go to remedy for pain caused by inflammation, and the benefits of Turmeric are numerous and astonishing! A summertime favorite.



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Herbal Multi Vitamin 

6 tbsp.   Alfalfa Leaf                    6 tbsp.  Dandelion Leaf                          3 tbsp. Catnip                              3 tbsp. Nettle Leaf

1.5 tbsp. Spearmint                     12.8 oz. Filtered water                           19.2 oz. Vegetable Glycerin

Add all ingredients to a quart jar. Pour in the glycerin & water; shake well. Leave capped for about 6-8 weeks; then strain. Store in an amber glass bottle.  See our Method Instructions page for tincture making options.

This recipe is said to be high in B-vitamins (B1 thru B9 & folic acid), Vitamin C, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Vitamin K, Manganese, Copper, & Selenium

Hot Ginger Lemonade 

1-2 tbsp. dried ginger                  juice from half a lemon                    honey to taste                           8-10 oz of filtered water

1 tsp. Turmeric powder (optional)

Place room temperature filtered water and ginger into pot and let sit for 10 minutes. Bring to a boil; reduce heat and simmer for about 10 minutes. Strain, add honey & lemon (& Turmeric powder) to taste.  An Alternative to the Anti-inflammatory Lemonade and perfect for the winter months.

Not intended to replace advice from a licensed physician.


I can't believe it is NOT Kool-ade 

2 tbsp. hibiscus flowers                   1 tsp. peppermint leaves              1 - 2 tsp. stevia leaf                  

Bring 2 cups to a boil. Remove from heat and infuse the hibiscus and peppermint for 20 minutes. Remove herbs and pour into a 2 quart pitcher and add water to fill it. Place stevia in a mesh tea ball or a reusable muslin tea bag and place in to quart pitcher. Let stevia infuse until the sweetness is just right. That's it. Chill and serve cold ;)  *Can substitute honey or sugar for the stevia 

Vanilla Extract

8 oz. Brandy alcohol (at least 80 proof)                                   5-6 organic Vanilla Beans

Cut Vanilla beans length wise and in half. You may scrape the beans and discard the pod if wanted. Add to an 8 oz. dark amber bottle or jar and cover with the Brandy. Be sure to cover all the beans leaving about 1/4" space at the top.  Let sit in a dark cabinet for at least 8 weeks. The longer the better, in fact, you do not have to strain the Vanilla out at all. Use as you would use vanilla flavoring. This is the yummiest vanilla I've ever tasted!!! You can get the organic Vanilla beans here at the shop.

Kava & Spice

¼ Cup kava                          1 Tablespoon Cinnamon                 ½ Tablespoon ginger root             1 tsp. whole cloves

½ tsp. black peppercorn       1 vanilla bean chopped                    1 can coconut milk                        honey

cardamom pods

Grind the cardamom pods, cloves, black pepper and vanilla bean. Add to the kava, cinnamon and ginger.  Use 4 cups of water and simmer on low heat for 3 hours with lid slightly ajar. Remove from heat,  add coconut milk (full fat). Enjoy warm, so yummy!!

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